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Since some of our ancestors landed in East Africa as in 1920’s, the Vanzas were on move between Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Mozambique and Comoro Islands. On 28th May 1942, Late Keshawji Ramji Borkhataria and Late Naranji Trikamji Tank took the initiative to call a meeting of all the vanzas of Dar es salaam at late Harji Karsan Solanki's shop and formed Shree Vanza Gnati Mandal.

The following were elected in the first committee of 1942:

  • Chairman: Naranji Trikamji Tank
  • Vice chairman: Savji Ramji Borkhataria
  • Secretary:Tulsidas Karsan Parmar
  • Assistant secretary:Savji Hirji Dodia
  • Treasurer: Visram Kanji Sonigra


  • Keshawji Ramji Borkhataria
  • Valji Sunderji Chohan
  • Harji Karsan Solanki
  • Nanji Khimji Parmar
  • Maganlal Lalji Borkhataria

It was later decided to include young volunteers in the first committee:

  • Bachubhai D. Rathod
  • Mohanlal Virji Solanki
  • Purshottam Ramji Jethwa
  • Ramji Valji Chohan
  • Morarji Karsan Parmar
  • Parmanand Ramji Bhadreswara
  • Vanravan Maganlal Borkhataria

For smooth operation and administration of the mandal, allthe members contributed small amount of money for the mandal and total shs. 2043/50 were collected. Also the first ever mandal’ constitution was written and left for discussion in the general meeting.

The first anniversary of the mandal was celebrated in the following year on the 28th may, 1943 by performing a variety programme’ in which male and female members participated. The total cost of the programme was shs. 455/00.

In the year 1945, the committee decided to have a building for the mandal and looked for a freehold plot in the vicinity of the hindu temples on Kisutu Street. For the owenership of the plot, the mandal and the trustees were registered with the registrar of societies. The following were elected as the first trustees of the mandal

  • Keshawji Ramji Borkhataria
  • Nanji Khimji Parmar

The first Vanza Parisad of East Africa was held in December 1945 at Mombasa. It was decided to send a delegation of 4 members from the mandal but due to financial constraints, only 2 members were sent to the Parisad. At the Parisad, our constitution was discussed and approved after some amendments.

In the year 1946, a sub committee was formed to deal in education, social welfare and construction of the mandal’s building. The following were elected as the members:

  • Keshawji Ramji Borkhataria
  • Naranji Trikamji Tank
  • Jeram Mulji Chavda
  • Velji Valji Chohan

The Yuvak decide to publish a quarterly magazine through which all the community members would be informed about the activities and all other social events related to the mandal;the main committee gave their blessings. Yuvak gave taheir free time for collection of donations and despatching the circulars of the meetings of the mandal by going from shop to shop on Sundays. But in the year 1948, the Yuvak protested to carry out such activities.Vanza Bandhus in olden times

The building committee’ decided to buy the plot from the Chavda family in 1952. the formalities for procurement of the plot from the administration general was finalised.

The following were elected as new trustees of the mandal in the meeting of 13th november 1952:

  • Keshawji Ramji Borkhataria
  • Valji Trikamji Tank
  • Anand Kara Solanki

Transfer registration of the plot in the name of Shree Vanza Gnati Mandal with the title deed were received on 27th July 1953. Foundation Stone Velji Valji Chohan volunteered for the design of the building. The foundation stone for the building was laid by Keshavji Daya Jethwa of Madagascar on 19th august, 1956. the opening ceremony of the building was performed by Shrimati Liruben Harji Solanki, grand mother of Mohanlal Virji Solanki on 2nd may, 1957.

In early 1968, it was decided by the mandal to host the Parisad of Vanzas of East Africa in Dar es salaam. A few sub committees were formed for the implementation of the Parisad. The Parisad was held on 4th April, 1969 and the chairman of the mandal, Shree Mohanlal Virji Solanki welcomed the delegation from various centres.

Shree Vanza Gnati Mandal building

A Prayer Hall and a small Temple of Shree Hingraj Mata and Guru Gopallal was built on top of the existing Building in 1974. The Prathistha of Higraj Mata and Guru Gopallal was performed on 13th September 1975. The present Shed in steel structure and corrugated galvanised Iron sheets in the back yard was constructed in 1983. The latest structure of Kitchen Complex was built in 1994.


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We have a capacity of 350 people.

Facilities include: Generator:15kva, Fridge, 

Water well, new high flame Stoves, utencils, table and chairs.

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